Barbod is a third-year Computer Science student with a diverse skill set in software development and computational mathematics. He aims to pursue a career in academia as a Data Scientist and drive meaningful innovation.

Selin Tahir is a Biomedical Science student who is currently finishing her first year at York University. After attending numerous science fairs, at a young age she knew her passion. She is a recipient of the York Science Scholars Award (YSSA) program which gives her the opportunity to engage in research. She plans to apply to graduate school after completing her undergraduate studies in order to further her knowledge and pursue a scientific career.

I am working on identifying the correlation between Equity Metrics and COVID-19 related outcomes utilizing temporal trends in healthcare. The main focus is on the cases of communities across Toronto.

Jacqueline is a second year Biomedical Science student.  Her research is on the impact of NPI on the spread of COVID-19.