AIMM LAB GRADUATE APPLICATIONS: We appreciate your interest in joining AIMM Lab as a graduate student. We are especially keen on recruiting students with strong quantitative abilities and with a deep motivation to tackle novel challenges in health, ecology, and environmental management. Given the interdisciplinary scope of our work, effective communication with diverse groups is essential, making robust communication skills a key asset.

Essential qualities for successful applicants are:

1. A significant drive to effect change in challenges within health, ecology, or environmental management.
2. Proficiency in mathematics equivalent to, or surpassing, a minor specialization in the subject during undergraduate studies.
3. Proficient programming abilities, such as in Python, R, or related languages.
4. Excellent communication skills encompassing both spoken and written forms.

If you are interested in being a graduate student in AIMM Lab, Please contact Jude directly at

In your email, please include the following:

• Write: AIMM lab Graduate Supervision Application” in the email subject.
• Attach a cover letter addressing reasons and motivation for graduate work. In the letter, indicate which existing Lewis Lab research projects you feel like you would fit with best. Also, if you have a related project that you are particularly interested in pursuing, please outline it.
• Attach your CV and unofficial transcript.
• Attach up to 3 samples of your writing (e.g., reports, theses, papers, etc.).