We are currently establishing Math help clubs across K-12 schools in the GTA. Contact us if you would like us to establish a BMHC in your school, church, or community.

Activities: Our activities are twofold: Homework help and Mathematics competition training.

  • The clubs typically run for 2 hours. The first hour is for homework assistance or review of course material, and the next hour is dedicated to reviewing sample questions from various national and international mathematics competitions.
  • Our students then compete with others in the school district throughout the year (1st prize: $200; 2nd prize: $100; 3rd prize: $50).
  • Each participant receives a certificate.
  • The top 3 are selected to represent their schools in national and international competitions. Please find below a list of the competition programs for this year:

    Competition Name




    WMO Canada – World Mathematical Olympiad

     3 – 6

     $ 25

    COMC – Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge

    7 – 12

    $ 30


    Grade 3: Thales

    Grade 4: Byron Germain

    Grade 5: Fibonacci

    Grade 6: Pythagoras

    Grade 7: Euler

    Grade 8: Lagrange

    Grade 9: Newton

    $ 15

    • Current clubs: K-12 clubs across the Durham Catholic District School Board. If you wish to get involved, contact Mr. Morgan Washington, the Black students’ coach