Objective of our research Program: 

The long-term objective of our research program is to design novel mathematical, artificial intelligence and statistical models for decision ­makers in industry and government in order to provide important insights into local and global-scale socio-ecological challenges.

The short-term objectives include updating and designing new mathematical, artificial intelligence and statistical models that can predict, manage and forecast: 

  • The spread of infectious diseases
  • Species (e.g fish) distribution under potential future ecosystem conditions (e.g climatic conditions);
  • Greenhouse gas emission from oil sand tailings; and
  • Harmful algae blooms.


Dr. Jude Kong has a substantial track record in mathematical biology infectious disease modelling, mathematical and statistical modelling, data science, artificial intelligence, citizen science, and  participatory  research as well as working with policy makers in government and industry.

 Most of our postdocs, grad  and undergrad students have backgrounds in mathematical biology, infectious disease modelling, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, data science, public health, ecology, biological sciences, epidemiology, engineering etc

 We train our postdocs, grad students and undergrad students  to be experts in  artificial intelligence, data science, mathematical  and statistical modelling, computational modelling , data management,  working with policy makers. Most of HPQS easily find jobs in the industry, governments, and academia.