Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Seminar section. At Kong Research Lab, we recognize the unparalleled enthusiasm and fresh perspectives that undergraduate students bring to the research world. The Undergraduate Research Seminar series is an initiative designed to harness this potential by offering undergraduates a platform to present, discuss, and explore their research findings.

Each year, dedicated seminars under this banner provide our budding researchers with the opportunity to delve into their scientific curiosities, challenge prevailing notions, and learn from their peers and mentors. Not only do these seminars allow students to showcase their hard work, but they also foster a culture of collaborative learning and mutual growth.

Below, you will find updates and highlights from our yearly seminars, chronicling the journey of our young researchers and the groundbreaking ideas they have brought to the forefront. We invite you to explore, be inspired, and join us in celebrating the future of scientific inquiry.

  1.   URS_2023: https://shorturl.at/txI25